Dangit, I Started A Substack

I can’t tell you how long I thought it was SubStack

Melinda "Millie" K. Dooley
4 min readJun 23, 2022


Once upon a time, I stalked your articles about Substack.

Tim Denning wrote about it years ago.

Adam J. Blust wrote about it yesterday.

Everyone has an opinion, and that opinion is, more often than not — do it.

I searched for “chain letter” and was not disappointed. Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

So I did:

Even my sister casually asked me if I’d ever heard of this Substack thing — only for me to find out she’d been using it for months!

No, seriously, though — I appreciate that she tested it out before telling me about it. She even sent me examples of what she paid for, which built my confidence.

Susbone is the reason I started my Substack, completely.

Be as cool as Susbone: you can join me on this crazy expedition — my goal is to publish every Monday, give or take.

Also, cool, it seems to integrate with Medium — just fine!

I’ve written one joke of a post, which was basically testing the tools and taking it all for a spin around the block. It’s earned me 2 followers (both family — don’t get your hopes up!).

After next week’s serious, professional post, I plan to share the whole affair with friends, family (oh god, so much family), and LinkedIn. I’ve read that sharing with family and friends, especially friends whose interests overlap with your niche, is one of the best things you can do.

So, what’s my niche?

Well, this is either the best idea I’ve ever had, or the worst: the niche is me.

I write a lot about schooling, formal and not, and freelance work here on Medium. I figure to update my Substack audience on these topics, and more, each week — maybe something I gleaned from tutorials or from Science magazine. Maybe a math connection I noticed in the kitchen.



Melinda "Millie" K. Dooley

Ms. Melinda Dooley is a lifelong educator and enthusiastic biologist, and has earned her expertise the hard way.